Letter-Mail  1957-0249

(drawn envelope, sent to 5 rue de la lingerie, dated 4-11-1957)

            My Eliane
                The evening
In Dusseldorf on the 15th the company (of some of Robert's friends) called company "Freitag" Friday, you will receive and you will chat in a kind of interview with questions and answers, on the general topic aspects and insights about life and attitudes and intellectual contents that connect artists etc. etc. in the France of the new generation.
    Robert's friends will contact you as soon as you arrive via Willem of gallery 22. They will claim themselves of LEVANDOWSKY. Robert will send you a list of interesting names to see in Düsseldorf and surroundings.
As well as a list of personal friends with short curriculum, and speak very slowly to everyone. The Freitag company can bring up to 30 or 40 people (at the Galerie 22’s conference).
    Well Levan is gone, of course be careful and circumspect, see these people warn Willem that you know LEVAN but that it is an acquaintance more interested in us than us in him. Nevertheless don’t hurt anybody because there can be interesting people.
    I trust you, you have to be able to « get it done » here everyone has round eyes and wonders where you are going ? when you come back there will be the fanfare at the train station. Be firm when leaving have signed contracts and fixed dates.
My mother is committed to come in order to supervise and to bring the indispensable maternal love to the children when you have to leave Nice.
    If possible give me the very precise data on dough, exactly what the quotation represents, the expenses counted : Assembly
                        Operator etc.etc.
What exactly you have gotten with the dates and methods of payment.
        The book ? it’d be better to have it, and if Nache does not work look if there is any other publisher and what it would cost to do it ourselves. For this it would be necessary to get in touch with Mrs Rivière who was approached to make one and against payment would do it for the group, address : Claude Rivière
                                           villa Primerose
                    Villerville Calvados
Through Laubiès you can join her.
My tender heart, I accuse myself this morning of a terrible attack of rage when the mother told me that you were not there. I was writing and I was meditating gloomy and terrible medieval and scorpionous revenges.
                I love you.
               I love you.     Armand